Sports & Activities

Tanzania is a beautiful country. Its landscape and people make it a unique location to undertake any sport. Whether it is early morning training runs past giraffes and zebra to the shores of Lake Manyara or on the slopes on Mount Kilimanjaro, a football match against a local village team, horse riding expeditions in West Kilimanjaro or treks in the Ngorongoro Highlands, Tanzania has some incredible sporting journeys to offer those who seek them out.

We believe that sport is a language that helps peoples communicate throughout the world. Regardless of class, culture, race or religion, training and running with fellow athletes, playing and competing against Tanzanian football, hockey, and rugby or netball teams leads to a different view of another culture as well as having fun and making new friends. Tanzania Journeys are committed to sport as a way to enhance communication and improve the quality of facilities available to local sportsmen and women. By bringing your team or club to compete or train in Tanzania, you will help future generations of Tanzanian sportsmen and women, you will have the sporting holiday of a lifetime.