Our Ethos

Our aim is to grow a sustainable tour operation which benefits local communities and stakeholder groups in Tanzania. This means operating in a responsible way. We are an ecologically and socially responsible company that thinks about the environmental and cultural aspects of tourism. We work to maximise the positive impact tourism can have on local communities.

Our ethos is:
• To develop a company which is socially responsible and is constantly challenging itself.
• To be conscious of the impact it makes on the communities and environments its clients visit.
• To educate ourselves and our clients to minimise the negative and accentuate the positive impacts of tourism in Tanzania.
• To invest our resources in the people and places where we operate.
• To provide excellent service with attention to the smallest detail.
• To continually challenge, evaluate and improve all areas of our operation.
• To offer clients best value for money.
• To make use of our imagination and good spirits in all our work.