Why book with us

With Tanzania Jouneys you can expect a full and enriching experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Whether it’s standing exhausted yet happy on the rooftop of Africa, or a late afternoon game of football with Zanzibaris, or watching a spotted hyena and its baby gracefully drinking from a waterhole in Ngorongoro Crater, or diving in the pristine clear waters among multitude of tropical fish and fauna of Pemba island or running with champion athletes of Tanzania in the cool morning air. Tanzania Journeys wants to ensure that each visitor has a real journey to Tanzania – be it a visual, an educational a personal self discovery or cultural exchange journey.

Whatever your journey, we will always ensure that:

• We provide a high standard of service
• We are professional yet friendly
• We deliver what we say we will deliver
• We are flexible and plan according to your needs
• We are responsible tour operators
• We do all we can to give you the best Tanzanian Journey!

We are an ideal company for clients who are not only interested in the country and its nature but also in an encounter with Tanzanian people. We are not a budget company who will cut corners by paying lowest wages, providing poor equipment or poor food. Our aim is to make sure that no one pays too high a price for your holiday.